My mother loved the Seal-Tight. Her name is Louise Jackson; she is 83 years old and a retired nurse. She worked as a nurse for 37 years. She told me that this was the best product she could have ever received and it has helped her tremendously. She broke her wrist recently and was having problems bathing because she had to use a grocery bag and a rubber band, her cast still was getting wet and the situation posed a falling hazard as well because she didn’t have her thumb and hand to hold on to anything. She said, "the seal tight kept my cast nice and dry, allows me to have a grasp with its design and helped me stay safe in the shower and when using the sink. It’s a wonderful product! If only we would have had something like this all the years I was in nursing to keep patients wounds, bandages and casts dry. It’s also comfortable and easy to use; I don’t need anyone to assist me. It makes it easy to care for myself even at this advanced age."

Necia A. J. Reider

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