Stars and Stripes

On April 8, our coworker and friend, Ian Ackroyd, took the naturalization test and was sworn in as an American citizen, alongside his wife, Clare.  Brownmed celebrated with a lunch of tavern sandwiches, baked beans, chips, salads and a delicious cake.

It looks like we will continue to be reminded of Ian’s country of origin through certain phrases –  reversing (backing) the cah (car) out of the garriage (sounds a lot like carriage, but it’s garage), checking under the bonnet (hood of the cah), storing something in the boot (trunk of the cah), taking out the rubbish (garbage), having a biscuit (cookie), talking to his Mum (Mom), or hearing about vitamins (with a short “i”).

That’s okay, Ian.  We’ll put up with trying to understand the “Queen’s English”, because

we are so proud of both you and Clare on becoming U.S. citizens!