Springtime exercises to relieve joint pain

If you find yourself dealing with the common signs and symptoms of arthritis, here are four spring exercises that can relieve joint pain.

Springtime offers the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather after being cooped up inside after a long, dreary winter. Some may say it's difficult, however, to find that initial motivation to get up and moving if arthritis pain is present. Contrary to popular belief, regular low-impact exercise can help reduce the pain associated with arthritis, according to the Spine and Joint Center.

If you find yourself dealing with the common signs and symptoms of arthritis, but you want to get outside and enjoy the new season in all of its glory, here are four spring exercises that may relieve joint pain:

1. Make time to stretch
Stretching is imperative to physical activity and must be taken seriously. It promotes better support for the joints and improves flexibility, reducing your risk of getting hurt while exercising. Focus on stretching the major muscles in the body, and spend time stretching muscles adjacent to the joints impacted by arthritis, Veritas Health recommended. Set aside 10 to 15 minutes to warm up before your exercise.

2. Take a brisk walk
Going on a walk is the perfect way to soak up the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature, and it's also the ideal form of physical activity for someone who wants to take things slow when starting an exercise regimen. Walking reduces stiffness in the joints and promotes healthy bones. Consider joining a walking club or making arrangements to take a stroll through the park once a week with a family member or close friend. A knee sleeve, like this one from IMAK Compression, may also be helpful if pain or discomfort limits your ability to walk.

3. Jump in the pool
Whether it's warm enough to swim outside or you have to use the indoor pool, swimming is an excellent form of exercise for someone living with arthritis. Water supports the weight of the body, and swimming stretches the muscles while putting little to no impact on the joints. Consider joining a water aerobics class this spring for optimal benefit. 

4. Take up gardening
Sure, gardening is a refreshing springtime hobby that allows you to grow your own beautiful flowers and delicious produce, but the task is also beneficial for the body. According to AARP, gardening is considered an advantageous form of aerobic activity that improves strength, stamina and flexibility. Just 30 minutes of digging up weeds, removing rocks, raking and trimming shrubs can amount to hundreds of calories burned! If you don't already garden during the springtime, now's a great time to consider taking up a new hobby. IMAK Compression Active Gloves even have added no-slip grips to improve grip and comfort.

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