Why IMAK Compression trumps Copper Fit in terms of quality

Compression clothing is beneficial in the battle against chronic discomfort. Socks, gloves, sleeves and other types of clothing warm a targeted part of the body, promote blood circulation and offer soothing relief. This can be used for athletes, those living with arthritis and other conditions, or when rehabilitating a mild injury. 

Sometimes, however, manufacturers may waiver from this mission by using fancy, unproven technologies or gimmicks that undermine comfort and quality. IMAK's simple approach makes it a more reliable option compared to other options like Copper Fit.  

The limited power of Copper Fit
One of the main appeals of Copper Fit compression clothing is that each item is lined with small pieces of copper. The metal has long been known to kill microorganisms and is used in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens to kill bacteria and other germs. In compression clothing, the idea is that copper ions in the maternal can reduce odor and preserve the garment's life.

Unfortunately, Consumer Reports found that any other claims suggesting that copper has therapeutic qualities are grossly misleading. The site Highya, meanwhile, found that Copper Fit's approach ultimately undermines not only the quality of compression but also the durability of the garment overall. Instead of purchasing an item that is designed to maximize comfort and pain relief, consumers end up paying for unproven technology and a recognizable moniker.

The reliability of IMAK Compression
A more straightforward technique helps to make IMAK Compression a dependable option when it comes to reducing discomfort. Masks, gloves, socks and other items are comprehensive and rely on a unembellished, proven framework to offer real help. Breathable cotton is soft and gentle. Likewise, the material is easy to clean. 

"IMAK's quality can't be beat."

Because the garments are made with a cotton spandex blend, they can be worn for hours on end without irritating the skin. And unlike Copper Fit's polyester design, you won't get too sweaty either. IMAK products offers continued relief from mild pain or discomfort while at work or school in a subtle and understated solution.

The IMAK Compression Eye Pillow is just as intelligible, leveraging the same comfortable cotton to aid with headaches and pain or to provide a better night's sleep. Smooth ergoBeads create a gentle massaging effect, and the mask can be frozen for extra relief.

When selecting the right compression garment, always opt for comfort, and avoid claims that appear too good to be true. For that reason, IMAK's quality can't be beat.