Orthopedic Softgoods: Answers from industry experts

Matt Garver, VP, Marketing

SEAL-TIGHT Original Cast and Bandage Protector

HC: What products does Brownmed offer the orthopedic softgoods market?
MG: Our products address a variety of ailments including arthritis relief, splinting technology, cast and wound protection, cryotherapy, kangaroo care, plantar fasciitis relief, carpal tunnel syndrome and more. Brownmed products have a solid medical foundation, and new product design starts with patient comfort. From our IMAK Compression Arthritis Gloves to our Seal-Tight line of moisture protection products, the result is higher quality, improved compliance and increased overall product efficacy. Our product enhancements are driven by patient feedback, not reimbursement code strategies.

HC: How do you see the market changing?
MG: Orthopedic softgoods are undergoing a transition similar to many other markets. Cost-cutting pressures continue to trickle down from providers to device manufacturers. Long-term, this creates an unsustainable price war for many manufacturers. On the other hand, digital technology is being developed and incorporated into devices in a manner that increases efficiency, improves patient compliance and makes it easier for individuals to see the benefits of the products they are using. This movement changes the conversation from price to value and is one that will take on increasing importance in the coming years.

HC: How important is orthopedic softgoods product knowledge for HME providers?
MG: With technology, patients are more educated and empowered than ever before. However, increased education does not mitigate the desire for relief for any patient seeking an orthopedic product. Patients will pay more for products that meet their needs and are supported by corresponding ratings, patient reviews and third-party endorsements. Understanding the consumer perceptions of the brands you carry, and ensuring they truly meet the needs they claim to solve, will help HME providers stay competitive and remain relevant in 2015.

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