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Intellinetix was designed as a family of pain management inventions by the team at Brownmed to give patients something targeted. Something for everyone. Something that uses the best tech and is comfortable. Above all, something that works the way you want it to. With Intellinetix Heat + Vibration Therapy Wrap, we start there and add heat therapy through our Heated Hub to the proven power of vibration to deliver relief like never before. Clinically proven to relieve chronic pain in aching joints, Intellinetix heat and vibration therapy can also be used to stimulate muscles, increase circulation, improve flexibility and relieve soreness.

Intellinetix Heat + Vibration Therapy Wrap provides wearable, multi-site relief for enhanced pain relief and recovery. Delivers stronger vibration, a longer battery life, and a higher heat setting than other competitors to put the power of relief in your hands like never before.

To become a distributor, please call 877-853-5518 or email us at info@brownmed.com.
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Key Benefits

  • 15 customized therapy modes of Heat + Vibration
  • Wearable, targeted relief from pain + enhanced recovery
  • Safe, non-invasive and 100% drug-free
  • More than 1 hour of Heat + Vibration Therapy with each charge
  • Patented technology


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