How do compression products work?

Illustration of how compression therapy support veins.

By supporting veins, compression therapy products aid circulation.

If you're a sports fan, you may have noticed some of your favorite athletes wearing compression socks. Many high-level athletes swear by these products, maintaining that they're a necessary component of their recovery following an intense workout or even an injury.  

But Olympic runners and professional basketball players are far from the only ones who use compression therapy to alleviate pain and swelling.These products are also used by those living with arthritis and other chronic conditions. 

But what exactly are these tools and how do they work? 

What is compression therapy?
At its most basic level, compression therapy is exactly what you might guess – a therapy tool that uses compression principles to promote healing and alleviate pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. 

When your heart pumps blood, the liquid carries life-giving oxygen throughout all your limbs. This process in turn helps your body to perform its routine functions. But sometimes blood can pool in the legs and cause painful swelling.  

Compression therapy products support the veins, helping to improve circulation throughout the body.  This reduces swelling and promotes healing, increasing the wearer's comfort.  

For athletes, this process can decrease soreness after a tough workout, which is why compression garments are often worn by long distance runners and others who regularly put their bodies through strenuous activities. 

But compression therapy isn't just for those who play sports. This strategy can treat a wide range of physical conditions and symptoms, from temporary injuries to venous diseases and arthritis. It can also make traveling by airplane much more comfortable.

Woman reads tablet while wearing IMAK Compression Gloves.IMAK Compression Gloves can help mitigate arthritis symptoms.

Compression therapy products 
When it comes to compression therapy products, you have a wide variety of options. Depending on what condition you're looking to treat, you may want to consider the following items from Brownmed's IMAK® Compression line, designed with consumer comfort in mind: 

  1. Arthritis gloves: The wrists, hands and fingers are among the most common body parts affected by arthritis. The IMAK® Compression Arthritis Gloves provide a gentle pressure that helps relieve pain and stiffness while promoting healing. And they're the only gloves on the market that have earned the Arthritis Foundation's Ease of Use Commendation for their design
  2. Arthritis socks: Many who live with arthritis also experience pain in their feet, heels and toes, which make options like the IMAK® Compression Arthritis Socks the perfect solution. But compression socks aren't only used for arthritis. In fact, many travelers wear these products to increase their comfort on long flights. 
  3. Compression sleeves: The IMAK® Compression Shin Sleeve, Arthritis Elbow Sleeve and Arthritis Knee Sleeve are each designed to effectively treat inflammation and pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, overuse or other conditions.  
  4. Eye masks: A less common area that can benefit from compression therapy are the eyes. The IMAK® Eye Pillow blocks out light while providing a relaxing effect through the combination of light pressure and massaging ergoBeads. Used with a pair of compression socks, you will be ready for your next overnight flight.  

For more products, check out the complete line of Brownmed IMAK® Compression products today.