5 ideas for reducing pain caused by arthritis

Try these tips for reducing your pain caused by arthritis.

Try these tips for reducing your pain caused by arthritis.

Arthritis can be difficult to live with, and odds are if you suffer from the condition you are fully aware of just how uncomfortable it truly is. Medications and medical treatments exist that aim to reduce discomfort, but there are plenty of steps you can take in your day-to-day life to limit any pain. Consider these helpful tips for limiting any issues caused by arthritis.

1. Start an exercise plan
The Arthritis Foundation reported that gentle exercises or stretching can help limit inflammation or stiffness. This promotes good circulation and helps you to be a little more limber. Girish Padmanabhan, the clinical director of outpatient rehab at The George Washington University Hospital, told the Arthritis Foundation that two or three 30-minute sessions of physical therapy each week can lead to reduced pain over time over the course of several months.

2. Eat the right foods
You can further limit discomfort caused by arthritis by opting for the right diet. Certain foods, especially those loaded with fats and processed sugars, create imbalances and inflammation that can not only be problematic but may undermine your exercise regimen.

Foods that are rich in calcium, beneficial fats and other vitamins are essential. For that reason you should opt to replace traditional protein with nuts and fish and eat plenty of leafy green vegetables.

Fish and vegetables are useful for reducing pain caused by arthritis.Fish and vegetables are useful for reducing pain caused by arthritis.

3. Find opportunities to relax
Stress and anxiety can create chemical imbalances in the body, and the Arthritis Foundation stated that this is an important but overlooked factor in limiting pain. Hormones caused by negative feelings actually exacerbate inflammation and stiffness.

For that reason it's essential to identify ways in your daily life to promote relaxation. This might mean trying meditation or yoga but can also come from painting, writing or other creative outlets. Be mindful of what leads to stress and find proactive ways to reduce instances of anxiety or anger.

4. Minimize activities that cause pain
When it comes to limiting the amount of discomfort caused by arthritis, subtle lifestyle changes can make a big difference. The Mayo Clinic suggested looking for things that might lead to pain or cause more difficulty. For example, you may benefit from selecting a new chair at work or using a stress ball while watching television. Likewise, an IMAK Ergo wrist cushion is great for reducing pain while at your computer.  

5. Opt for vibration therapy
One easy and effective way to reduce pain caused by arthritis is to employ vibration therapy. Gentle motion can limit the number of pain signals that reach the brain. At the same time a mild compress boosts blood circulation. The vibration can also warm aching joints and soothes pain overall. This can be achieved in as little as five minutes. 

The Intellenetix Vibrating Gloves are comfortable and inconspicuous and may offer nearly instant relief. Other products can be applied to the knees or elbows and provide respite from painful and chronic pain. Vibration therapy can also be helpful in reducing migraines and headaches with the Intellenetix Vibrating Pain Relief Mask.